Concrete Release Agents

Concrete release agents are coating added on the surface of the formwork before pouring concrete. It helps to allow quick removal of formwork.

The concrete releasing agent provides a smooth finished surface. Make sure that there should not be any debris in the mixed concrete.

Concrete Release Agents

Features of Concrete Release Agents:

  • The main purpose of concrete release agents is the quick removal of formwork.
  • It prevents blowholes in the concrete.
  • It provides a very smooth and clean finish.
  • It avoids dirt on the formwork.

Types of Concrete Release Agents:

There are 3 types of concrete releasing agent as listed below:

  1. Chemical Release Agents.
  2. Mold Cream Emulsions.
  3. Neat Oil with Surfactant.

1. Chemical Release Agents:

Chemical release agents are made of some specific chemicals. This type of releasing agent scattered on the Sutter and it dried up on the shutter. A thin layer of chemical release agent resists water.

It can be used for all types of formwork. The main advantage of this formwork releasing agent is that there is no sticky film left when it’s dried.

2. Mold Cream Emulsions:

Mold cream emulsion can be used for all types of surfaces except steel. It is most recommended for absorbent surfaces like wood. It gives a clean and high-quality finished surface.

3. Neat Oil with Surfactant:

This type of concrete releasing agent can be used on all types of surfaces including steel surfaces. Heavy rain can not wash away water and oil film.

Advantages of Concrete Release Agents:

  • It gives a seamless smooth finish.
  • It reduced the time consumed to remove the formwork.
  • we get neat and clean shutters after the removal of formwork.
  • Curing can be done easily as reinforcement bars are not exposed.


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