Floating Slab

A floating slab is a concrete slab that rests over the ground surface without any anchoring.

Floating Slab

As the name suggests, it resembles a plate that is simply laid over the water, without any connection between them.

Uses of Floating Slab:

The primary uses of floating slabs are as a base foundation for industrial workshops, sheds, and garages.

It is very cost-effective in the areas where the requirement for need foundation is not required.

Advantages of Floating Slab:

  • The floating slab distributed the vertical stress over a large area.
  • If there is any probability of shifting the earth layer because of high moisture content, the floating slab is best.
  • It does not cause any disturbance to the earth layer.
  • It does not need footer trenches.
  • It works as a barrier between superstructure and soil, hence any moisture coming from the ground is prevented by the floating slab.
  • It is more economical compare to the conventional footing.


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