A study on Road Kerbs

A kerb is the component of road or highway, it is also called curb.

Kerbs are edges where a raised sidewalk meets the other road. This road can be pedestrian or street.

It creates barriers between vehicles and pedestrians. Kerbs used to create a barrier between vehicle and pedestrian. It gives an idea of the carriageway to the vehicle driver.


Normally, natural stones are used to construct kerbs but nowadays precast concrete kerbs are taking place of natural stones.

Functions of Kerbs:

  • Kerbs seprates road and pedetarissn.
  • It provides structural support to the pavement.
  • Kerbs are used to channel runoff water from rain or melted snow and ice into storm drains.
  • It provides esthetic to the road pavement.
  • Kerbs provide safety and security for both carriageway and pedestrian.
  • Kerbs are used on bus stops to ease passenger access.

Kerb Height:

Kerbs Height

Krebs heights normally range between 100 to 200 mm above the road surface. If it includes the underground portion then will be around 350 to 400 mm.


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