Monolithic Slab

What Is a Monolithic Slab?

Monolithic Slab

A monolithic slab is constructed in a single pour. The construction process of a monolithic slab is very fast due to a single pour.

A monolithic slab is very cost-effective. It saves lots of labor costs. This type of slab can achieve the same strength as a conventional concrete slab if cast properly.

Monolithic slab is used for foundation. This is not a typical floor slab.

A monolithic slab foundation can not be used if more fill dirt is required because the concrete is more likely to crack if the ground is not compacted sufficiently.

Construction Process of Monolithic Slab:

The monolithic slab foundation is thinner compare to the conventional concrete slab.

They average only four inches thick and the footings only reach about 300 mm from the base to the top of the floor.

This means you will only have to dig down about 150 mm and the entire thing can be done by hand if you are motivated enough.

The monolithic slab foundation normally rests on a bed of gravel for improved drainage and is reinforced with wire mesh or rebar for increased strength and to reduce the chance of cracking.

In cold places, you can combine internal heating with an extra layer of insulation around the perimeter of the foundation which artificially pushes the frost line out and away from the floor, keeping it safe from freezing and thawing cycles.


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