roundabout is a kind of circular intersection or junction in which road traffic is allowed to flow in one way around a focal island, and priority is normally given to traffic already in the junction.


Roundabout is also known for some other names such as circle, road circle, traffic circle, rotary, rotunda, or island.

Advantages of Roundabout:

  • In a roundabout, traffic is permitted to flow only in one direction. One way traffic reduced the chances of accidents.
  • All the vehicles approaching the roundabout softly pressured to slow down the speed and keep going at a slower pace.
  • There are very few accidents that occurred in the traffic circles.
  • They are automatic and do not need traffic signals.
  • No traffic administration is required to operate roundabout.
  • Roundabouts are suitable for modern traffic with more than three or four approaches.

Disadvantages of Roundabout:

  • Even if there is no traffic, the vehicle has to reduce the speed.
  • It required a significant amount of land to build a roundabout.

Types of Roundabout:

  1. Gyratory Roundabout.
  2. Mini Roundabout.
  3. Raindrop Roundabout.
  4. Balcony Roundabout.
  5. Turbo Roundabout.
  6. Signalized Roundabout.


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